Element Status Data

For the tape library, this data is a header that precedes the specific element type information, if any. Following this data are zero or more Element Status Pages, up to one for each of the four Element Types that are supported, if the command permits. Following each Element Status Page are zero or more Element Descriptors. There is up to one Element Descriptor for each element cell of that element type in the library, if the data in the CDB permits.

Table 1. Header for Element Type Information
Byte Bit 7 Bit 6 Bit 5 Bit 4 Bit 3 Bit 2 Bit 1 Bit 0
0-1 First Element Address Reported
2-3 Number of Elements
4 Reserved
5-7 Byte Count of Report Available
  • First Element Address Reported: The smallest element address found to meet the CDB request.
  • Number of Elements: The number of elements that meet the request in the CDB.