Introduction to the IBM Diamondback tape library

The Diamondback tape library is a next-generation cloud storage solution that delivers high storage density and integrated management.


  • Design based on hyperscale requirements and specifically aimed at hyperscale data centers.
  • Standard server rack dimensions based on Open Compute Project racks, installs into data centers and is serviced like a server rack.
  • Store up to 27 PB capacity with LTO 9 cartridges
  • Reduce installation time with the ability to ship fully loaded with tape cartridges
  • Optimize storage with Ultra high density(UHD) storage slots
  • Automate management through a REST API

Big data offers vast opportunities for business insight, but you need the right technology to help you manage and use that data. IBM cloud solutions can help you harness the power of big data while reducing costs and enabling a secure environment.

The next-generation IBM Diamondback tape library is designed to help midsized and large enterprises meet cloud storage challenges, including data volume growth, rising storage footprint costs, data migration efforts and the increased complexity of IT training and management as staff resources shrink.

Diamondback tape library answers those business needs by incorporating the latest generation of industry-leading LTO technology that will help organizations handle the growing data demands of modern tape use cases like big data, cloud, media and entertainment, ultra high-definition editing, digital video surveillance, Internet of Things (IoT), active file archiving and, of course, backup.

Diamondback tape library delivers the density that today’s data growth requires—along with the efficiency and manageability to grow with business needs while preserving your existing investments in IBM tape library products. You can achieve both a low per-terabyte cost and high density, with up to 27 PB of data in a single library frame using LTO 9 cartridges.

Diamondback tape library provides advanced capabilities for integrated tape drive and media management, delivered within a single-pane-of-glass management console. The Diamondback tape library graphical user interface (GUI) is based on the unified interface used in other IBM storage solutions. It includes key features to help guide storage administrators in completing critical tasks. For example, you can monitor a tape library via persistent, at-a-glance library utilization and health status indicators.

IBM Diamondback tape library features such as automatic control-path and data-path fail-over, tape-drive encryption, robotic accessor and WORM media support improved management and help to reduce risk in the cloud.

Automates solutions for cloud environments

Diamondback tape library is a tape drive integration leader, with features including a persistent worldwide name, multipath architecture, drive/media exception reporting, remote drive/media management and host-based path fail over. Diamondback tape library supports Fibre Channel or SAS tape drives.

Includes advanced features

Diamondback tape library is designed with advanced features to deliver cutting-edge performance and long-term value. For example, the Advanced Library Management System (ALMS) feature supports dynamic storage management, enabling you to create and change logical libraries and configure any drive into any logical library. Diamondback tape library also offers automatic control-path and data-path fail over to help improve business continuity and disaster recovery, and policy-based automatic media verification can help minimize data risk.

Centralizes management of tape resources

IBM offers a wide range of management software options for Diamondback tape library. The management software options include:
  • IBM Storage Archive —Allows users and applications to directly access files and directories stored on tape
  • IBM Diamondback tape library REST API —Provides access to Diamondback library management commands
  • IBM Security Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager —Simplifies encryption key management with an intuitive user interface
Table 1. IBM Diamondback tape library at a glance

Number of drives

Up to 14 LTO 9 tape drives

Tape drive types

LTO 9 tape drives

  • Fibre channel
  • SAS

Number of frames per library

Single-frame library

Increased density

  • Up to 1584 LTO cartridge slots


  • LTO 9 cartridges: up to 27 PB (up to 69 PB with 2.5:1 compression)

Machine types

  • MTM 4882-L9A 1 year warranty plus ExpertCare options
  • MTM 4883-L9A 3 year warranty
  • MTM 4884-L9A 5 year warranty

Operating systems support

See the IBM System Storage Interoperation Center

*Capacity depends on number of cartridges used and compression ratio achieved. Listed capacity is physical. Usable capacity may be less.