Remote support through a system console

A system console is a service tool through which the IBM® Diamondback tape library provides remote support.

The TSSC (or a TS4500 IMC) can be used as a service console with the IBM Diamondback tape library . The TSSC is installed with a set of software tools that helps both local service and remote support of the attached IBM Diamondback tape library. Table 1 lists the system console features that can be ordered for the library.
Attention: The minimum code level for the TSSC/IMC is 9.4.21
Table 1. System console and remote support features
Feature Code Customer-Setup Unit (CSU) Description
AHY2 No On-site Code Load
2704 No Console Expansion 24 Port Enet Switch/Rackmount
2715 No TSSC attachment cable
2726 No Rackmount TSSC with KVM

The method that is used by the library for Call Home support is a broadband connection that uses the Electronic Customer Care (ECC) Call Home function through the system console.

To perform an ECC Call Home operation through a system console, the IBM Diamondback tape library sends Call Home information across a private Ethernet connection to the system console. The system console then performs the ECC Call Home operation and sends the information to the IBM Remote Technical Assistance Information Network (RETAIN) through the system console's Ethernet (broadband) connection.

For remote support through a system console, the IBM Diamondback tape library needs a minimum of two Ethernet ports: one attached to your network for use by your administrator and one attached to the private system console network for remote support.

Table 2 presents the capabilities of remote support with a system console.
Note: All of the listed capabilities do not apply to every product type. For example, the IBM Diamondback tape library does not use wellness checking, daily log file storage, or code image broadcast.
Table 2. Remote support capabilities
Location Event Support
Customer site Call Home events
  • Error initiated
  • Heartbeat (regular interval)
  • Test
System console support capability
  • Error-initiated problem reporting for up to 43 subsystems
  • Staged, error-specific data gathering
  • Subsystem and system console heartbeat reporting
  • Wellness checking
  • Log file storage (daily)
  • Code image and documentation repository (from media and RETAIN Fix Distribution Library)
System console and remote support service tools
  • Code image broadcast
  • Call home event log review
  • End-of-call completion report
IBM support System console remote access
  • Authenticated, secure remote access
  • Simultaneous call in and call home
  • Data transmission (TCP/IP) supported
IBM call home database
  • 24/7 access by IBM support staff
  • Error analysis and search capability