I/O stations

I/O stations and magazines are used to insert or remove cartridges from the library without interrupting the operation of the library.

For Diamondback, the I/O station is accessible from the rear of the library. The cartridge magazine that is inserted holds 10 LTO cartridges. The I/O station is accessed through the rear door and no additional I/O station door is present. Diamondback can have up to three I/O stations and are always on drive canister row 5.

The location reported for a Diamondback I/O station is in the format ioStation_C<column>.

Example: ioStation_C3

For TS4500, the base frames (models L25 and L55) come with two I/O stations. The magazine for LTO can hold up to 18 cartridges and the magazine for 3592 can hold up to 16 cartridges. Libraries with LTO and 3592 frames, the L25 and L55 frame I/O stations can be used for both types of magazines or the first D25 and D55 frame (different from the L25 and L55) can have I/O station that is shipped with the magazines for different drive type.

For TS4500, two extra I/O stations can be installed in any D25 or D55 expansion frame. Each additional pair of I/O stations increases the maximum number of cartridges that can be inserted or removed from the library. The total cartridge capacity for expansion frames with two I/O stations is reduced by 80 cartridges for model D25 and by 88 cartridges for model D55. Storage-only frames (models S25 and S55) do not support I/O stations.

The location reported for a TS4500 I/O station is in the format ioStation_F<frame>IO<u|l>.

Example: ioStation_F1IOu