Using VOLSER ranges

When you insert a cartridge into the library and its VOLSER is within a range that is assigned to a certain logical library, the cartridge is assigned to that logical library. The cartridge must be of the same media type as that logical library. For example, if you create a logical library that is called LogicalLibrary1 for VOLSERs that range from ABC000 to ABC999 (a library of LTO drives), and then you insert a cartridge with VOLSER ABC123, the library recognizes that VOLSER as belonging to the range and assigns it to LogicalLibrary1. If you insert a cartridge that is outside of any VOLSER ranges, it is available to be imported into any logical library of the same media type. The assignment is then determined by the first application to import the cartridge.

Within a physical library, a maximum of 600 VOLSER ranges can be created between all logical libraries.