LTO data cartridge

This section describes the construction, operation, and components of the IBM® LTO data cartridge.

The IBM LTO 9 cartridge is green with a silk screen label on top that specifies “Ultrium 9 – 18000 GB”. The IBM LTO 8 cartridge is burgundy with a silk screen label on top that specifies "Ultrium 8 - 12 TB." WORM data cartridges are two tones in order to distinguish them from other data cartridges. Each WORM cartridge is the color as the same generation of data cartridge on the top, but it is gray on the bottom.

When processing tape in the cartridges, the LTO tape drives use a linear, serpentine recording format. LTO 9 drives read and write data on 8960 tracks, and LTO 8 drives read and write data on 6656 tracks. LTO 9, and 8 drives read and write 32 tracks at a time. The first set of tracks is written from near the beginning of the tape to near the end of the tape. The head then repositions to the next set of tracks for the return pass. This process continues until all tracks are written and the tape is full, or until all data is written. For additional information about LTO tape drive and cartridge compatibility, refer to the topic about LTO tape drives.

# Component # Component
 1  LTO cartridge memory  4  Write-protect switch
 2  Cartridge door  5  Label area
 3  Leader pin  6  Insertion guide
Figure 1. The IBM LTO data cartridge
IBM LTO data cartridge