Using the service magazine

Use the service magazine to perform service-related cartridge actions.

About this task

Videos are available showing how to insert cartridges in the service magazine: Service Magazine.


Complete the following steps to insert cartridges into the service magazine:

  1. Open the back door.
  2. Remove the cartridge magazine by lifting up the blue tab (  1  as in Figure 1) and pull the cartridge magazine out.
    Figure 1. Removing cartridge magazine
    Removing cartridge magazine
    Note: Make sure that you keep the cartridge magazine horizontal as you move it to and from the library.
  3. Insert the cartridges in the magazine.
  4. Reinstall the cartridge magazine by lining up the skis (  2  as in Figure 2) that are present on both sides of the cartridge magazine with the tracks in the drive slot (  3  as in Figure 2).
    Figure 2. Reinstalling cartridge magazine
    Reinstalling cartridge magazine
  5. The blue latch will click and green power indicator (  4  as in Figure 3) will light up, after the magazine is connected properly.
    Figure 3. Green power indicator
    Green power indicator


After you insert the cartridge magazine, the library automatically moves the cartridges into storage slots. How each cartridge is assigned to a logical library depends on the configured VOLSER ranges.

View the state of inserted cartridges from the System or Cartridge page of the Diamondback management GUI.