Ensure proper packaging of LTO tape cartridges

LTO tape cartridges must be packed and shipped according to specific guidelines in order to ensure they are not damaged during transport.

Adhere to the following guidelines when packaging or shipping LTO tape cartridges:

  • When you ship a cartridge, ship it in its original or better packaging.
  • Always ship or store a cartridge in a jewel case.
  • Use only a recommended shipping container that securely holds the cartridge in its jewel case during transportation. LTO Turtle Cases (by Perm-A-Store) have been tested and found to be satisfactory (see Figure 1). They are available at http://www.turtlecase.com.
    Figure 1. Tape cartridges in a Turtle Case
    tape cartridges in turtle case
  • Never ship a cartridge in a commercial shipping envelope. Always place it in a box or package.
  • If you ship the cartridge in a cardboard box or a box of a sturdy material, ensure that the following precautions are taken:
    • Place the cartridge in polyethylene plastic wrap or bags to protect it from dust, moisture, and other contaminants.
    • Pack the cartridge snugly to ensure that it does not move around.
    • Double-box the cartridge (place it inside a box, then place that box inside the shipping box) and add padding between the two boxes (see Figure 2).
      Figure 2. Double-boxing tape cartridges for shipping
      Double-boxing tape cartridges for shipping