Changing the date format in QRadar to match the date format for your Trend Micro Apex One device

If your Trend Micro Apex One device uses the dd/MM/yyyy date format, you can enable this date format in IBM® QRadar® by using the DSM Editor.

By default, the Trend Micro Apex One DSM uses the dd/MM/yyyy date format.


  1. On the Admin tab, in the Data Sources section, click DSM Editor.
  2. From the Select Log Source Type window, select Trend Micro Office Scan from the log source type list.
  3. Click the Configuration tab, and then set Display DSM Parameters Configuration to on.
  4. From the Event Collector list, select the event collector for the log source.
  5. Set Use dd/MM/yyyy date format to on.
  6. Click Save.

What to do next

Configure a log source in QRadar by using the SNMPv2 protocol. For more information, see SNMPv2 logsource parameters for Trend Micro Apex One.