Protocols available for testing

In QRadar® and QRadar Log Source Management app 5.0.0 or later, some protocols are updated to include test capabilities. Ensure that you install the latest version of your protocols to get the testing capability when it is available.

The following table lists the protocols available to be tested in the QRadar Log Source Management app.

Protocol Fix Central link
Amazon AWS S3 REST API Download Amazon AWS S3 REST API protocol
Amazon Web Services Download Amazon Web Services protocol
Cisco Firepower eStreamer Download Cisco eStreamer protocol
Google Cloud Pub Sub Download Google Cloud Pub Sub protocol
Google G Suite Activity Reports REST API Download Google G Suite Activity Reports REST API protocol
HTTP Receiver Download HTTP receiver protocol
IBM® Cloud Identity Download IBM Cloud Identity protocol
JDBC Download JDBC protocol
Log File Download Log File protocol
Microsoft Azure Event Hubs Download Microsoft Azure Event Hubs protocol
Microsoft DHCP Download Microsoft DHCP protocol
Microsoft Exchange Download Microsoft Exchange protocol
Microsoft Graph Security API Download Microsoft Graph Security API protocol
Microsoft IIS Download Microsoft IIS protocol
Microsoft Office 365 Download Microsoft Office 365 protocol
MQ JMS Download MQ JMS protocol
Office 365 Message Trace REST API Download Office 365 Message Trace REST API protocol
Okta REST API Download Okta REST API protocol
Oracle Database Listener Download Oracle Database Listener protocol
SMB Tail Download SMB Tail protocol
TLS Syslog Download TLS Syslog protocol
VMware VCloud Director Download VMware VCloud Director protocol