Customizing the Logging Option

You must customize the logging option for each application server WebSphere® uses and change the settings for the JVM Logs (Java™ Virtual Machine logs).


  1. Select Servers > Application Servers.
  2. Select your WebSphere Application Server to load the server properties.
  3. Select Logging and Tracing > JVM Logs.
  4. Configure a name for the JVM log files.

    For example:

    System.Out log file name:


    System.Err log file name:


  5. Select a time of day to save the log files to the target directory.
  6. Click OK.
  7. You must restart the WebSphere Application Server to save the configuration changes.
    Note: If the JVM Logs changes affect the cell, you must restart all of the WebSphere Application Servers in the cell before you continue.

    You are now ready to import the file into IBM® QRadar® using the log file protocol.