Configuring IBM Privileged Session Recorder to communicate with QRadar

Before you can configure a log source in IBM® Privileged Session Recorder for IBM QRadar®, obtain the database information for the Privileged Session Recorder data store. You must also configure your IBM Privileged Session Recorder DB2® database to allow incoming TCP connections from QRadar.

IBM Privileged Session Recorder is a component of IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager.


  1. Log in to the IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager web user interface.
  2. Select the Configure Privileged Identity Manager tab.
  3. Select Database Server Configuration in the Manage External Entities section.
  4. In the table, double-click the Session Recording data store row in the Database Server Configuration column.
  5. 5. Record the following parameters to use when you configure a log source in QRadar:
    IBM Privileged Session Recorder Field QRadar Log Source Field
    Hostname IP or Hostname
    Port Port
    Database name Database Name
    Database administrator ID Username