Integrating QRadar with Sophos PureMessage for Linux

You can integrate IBM® QRadar® with Sophos PureMessage for Linux®.


  1. Navigate to your Sophos PureMessage PostgreSQL database directory:

    cd /opt/pmx/postgres-8.3.3/bin

  2. Access the pmx_quarantine database SQL prompt:

    ./psql -d pmx_quarantine

  3. Type the following command to create a SIEM view in your Sophos database to support QRadar:
    create view siem_view as select 'Linux PureMessage' as application, id,, m_date, h_from_local, h_from_domain, m_global_id, m_message_size, outbound, h_to, c_subject_utf8 from message a, m_reason b where a.reason_id = b.reason_id;

What to do next

After you create your database view, you must configure QRadar to receive event information by using the JDBC protocol.