Configuring OPSEC LEA for unencrypted communications

You can configure the OPSEC LEA protocol for unencrypted communications:


  1. At the command-line prompt of your Check Point SmartCenter Server, stop the firewall services by typing the following command:


  2. Depending on your Check Point SmartCenter Server operating system, open the following file:
    • Linux® - $FWDIR\conf\fwopsec.conf
    • Windows - %FWDIR%\conf\fwopsec.conf
  3. Change the default lea_server auth_port from 18184 to 0.
  4. Change the default lea_server port from 0 to 18184.
  5. Remove the hash (#) marks from both lines.

    lea_server auth_port 0 lea_server port 18184

  6. Save and close the file.
  7. Type the following command to start the firewall services: