Vulnerability assessment scanner overview

Integrate vulnerability assessment scanners with IBM® QRadar® to provide vulnerability assessment profiles for network assets.

References to QRadar apply to all products capable of collecting vulnerability assessment information.

Important: If you are using QRadar on Cloud, then you must import data through data gateways. You cannot import data directly from vulnerability scanners.

Asset profiles for servers and hosts in your network provide information that can help you to resolve security issues. Using asset profiles, you can connect offenses that occur on your system to the physical or virtual assets as part of your security investigation. Asset data is helpful to identify threats, to identify vulnerabilities, services, ports, and monitor asset usage in your network.

The Assets tab provides a unified view of the information that is known about your assets. As more information is provided to the system through vulnerability assessment, the system updates the asset profile. Vulnerability assessment profiles use correlated event data, network activity, and behavioral changes to determine the threat level and vulnerabilities present on critical business assets in your network. You can schedule scans and ensure that vulnerability information is relevant for assets in the network.