Installing the DbProtect LEEF Relay Module

To enable DbProtect to communicate with IBM® QRadar®, install the DbProtect LEEF Relay module on the same server as the DbProtect console.

Before you begin

Before you install the DbProtect LEEF Relay module on a Windows 2003 host, you must install Windows Imaging Components. The wic_x86.exe file contains the Windows Imaging Components and is on the Windows Server Installation CD. For more information, see your Windows 2003 Operating System documentation.

About this task

The LEEF Relay module for DbProtect translates the default events messages to Log Event Extended Format (LEEF) messages for QRadar. Before you can receive events in QRadar, you must install and configure the LEEF Service for your DbProtect device to forward syslog events. The DbProtect LEEF Relay requires that you install the .NET 4.0 Framework, which is bundled with the LEEF Relay installation.


  1. Download the DbProtect LEEF Relay module for DbProtect from the Application Security, Inc. customer portal (
  2. Save the setup file to the same host as your DbProtect console.
  3. Click Accept to agree with the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 End-User License Agreement.
  4. In the DbProtect LEEF Relay module installation Wizard, click Next.
  5. To select the default installation path, click Next.

    If you change the default installation directory, make note of the file location.

  6. On the Confirm Installation window, click Next.
  7. Click Close.

What to do next

Configuring the DbProtect LEEF Relay