PostFix Mail Transfer Agent

IBM® QRadar® can collect and categorize syslog mail events from PostFix Mail Transfer Agents (MTA) installed in your network.

To collect syslog events, you must configure PostFix MTA installation to forward syslog events to QRadar. QRadar does not automatically discover syslog events that are forwarded from PostFix MTA installations as they are multiline events. QRadar supports syslog events from PostFix MTA V2.6.6.

To configure PostFix MTA, complete the following tasks:

  1. On your PostFix MTA system, configure syslog.conf to forward mail events to QRadar.
  2. On your QRadar system, create a log source for PostFix MTA to use the UDP multiline syslog protocol.
  3. On your QRadar system, configure IPtables to redirect events to the port defined for UDP multiline syslog events.
  4. On your QRadar system, verify that your PostFix MTA events are displayed on the Log Activity tab.

If you have multiple PostFix MTA installations where events go to different QRadar systems, you must configure a log source and IPtables for each QRadar system that receives PostFix MTA multiline UDP syslog events.