IBM Cloud Platform (formerly known as IBM Bluemix Platform)

IBM® Cloud Platform is formerly known as IBM Bluemix® Platform. The name remains the same in IBM QRadar®.

The IBM QRadar DSM for the IBM Cloud Platform collects events from your IBM Cloud® Platform.

The following table identifies the specifications for the IBM Cloud Platform DSM:
Table 1. IBM Bluemix Platform DSM specifications
Specification Value
Manufacturer IBM
DSM name IBM Bluemix Platform
RPM file name DSM-IBMBluemixPlatform-QRadar_version-build_number.noarch.rpm
Supported versions N/A
Protocol Syslog, TLS Syslog
Recorded event types All System (Cloud Foundry) events, some application events
Automatically discovered? Yes
Includes identity? No
Includes custom properties? No
More information IBM Cloud website (

To integrate IBM Cloud Platform with QRadar, complete the following steps:

You must complete the installation, third-party configuration, and QRadar configuration procedures in the order listed. Installation must always be first, but you can invert the order of the other two procedures, In some cases, no action is required for the third-party configuration and you can omit the procedure.
  1. If automatic updates are not enabled, download and install the most recent version of the IBM Bluemix Platform DSM RPM from the IBM Support Website ( onto your QRadar Console:
  2. Configure your IBM Cloud Platform device to send syslog events to QRadar.
  3. If QRadar does not automatically detect the log source, add an IBM Cloud Platform log source on the QRadar Console.