Creating a cron job

Cron is a Solaris daemon utility that automates scripts and commands to run system-wide on a scheduled basis.

About this task

The following steps provide an example for automating to run daily at midnight. If you need to retrieve log files multiple times a day from your Solaris system, you must alter your cron schedule.


  1. Type the following command to create a copy of your cron file:

    crontab -l > cronfile

  2. Type the following command to edit the cronfile:

    vi cronfile

  3. Add the following information to your cronfile:

    0 0 * * * /etc/security/

  4. Save the change to the cronfile.
  5. Type the following command to add the cronfile to crontab:

    crontab cronfile

  6. You can now configure the log source in IBM® QRadar® to retrieve the Sun Solaris BSM audit log files.

What to do next

You are now ready to configure a log source in QRadar.