JDBC log source parameters for Juniper Networks AVT

If QRadar® does not automatically detect the log source, add a Juniper Networks AVT log source on the QRadar Console by using the JDBC protocol.

When using the JDBC protocol, there are specific parameters that you must use.

The following table describes the parameters that require specific values to collect JDBC events from Juniper Networks AVT:
Table 1. JDBC log source parameters for the Juniper Networks AVT DSM
Parameter Value
Log Source Type Juniper Networks AVT
Protocol Configuration JDBC
Database Type Postgres
Database Name profilerDb
IP or Hostname The IP address or host name of the SQL server that hosts the Juniper Networks AVT database.
Username Type the user name the log source can use to access the Juniper Networks AVT database.

Type the password the log source can use to access the Juniper Networks AVT database.

The password can be up to 255 characters in length.

Predefined Query From the list, select Juniper Networks AVT.
Use Prepared Statements The Use Prepared Statements check box must be clear. The Juniper Networks AVT DSM does not support prepared statements.
Polling Interval

Type the polling interval, which is the amount of time between queries to the view you created. The default polling interval is 10 seconds.

You can define a longer polling interval by appending H for hours or M for minutes to the numeric value. The maximum polling interval is 1 week in any time format. Numeric values that are entered without an H or M poll in seconds.

EPS Throttle

The maximum number of events per second that QRadar ingests.

If your data source exceeds the EPS throttle, data collection is delayed. Data is still collected and then it is ingested when the data source stops exceeding the EPS throttle.

The default is 20,000 EPS.

Note: Selecting a parameter value greater than 5 for the Credibility parameter weights your Juniper Networks AVT log source with a higher importance that is compared to other log sources in QRadar.

For a complete list of JDBC parameters and their values, see c_logsource_JDBCprotocol.html.