The XPathQuery action executes an XPath query on an XML document value.

If an API returns a response in XML format, you can extract a certain value or set of values from the response. You can use XPath to extract values.

The following table shows the parameters for the XPathQuery action.

Table 1. XPathQuery action parameters
Name Data type Required Notes
xmlPath JPath Yes The location of the XML document in the State.
xPathQuery XPath Yes  
singleton Boolean No Interprets the results as a single value instead of an array.

The default is False.

savePath JPath Yes The location to store the result.

XML Example:

This action executes the XPath query "//event/id/text()" against the XML document that is stored in the State at /xml_events, and stores it in the State at location /event/id as a single value.

<XPathQuery xmlPath="/xml_events" xPathQuery="//event/id/text()" singleton="true" savePath="/event/id" />