The MOVEGRP statement is used to copy or unload a group, and delete all successfully copied members in the input data set. A group consists of a member and all of its aliases.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramlabelMOVEGRPOUTDD= DDnameOUTDSN=DSname( DSname,SHROLD),INDD=DDname(,DDname,RO),INDSN=DSname( DSname,SHROLD,RO,RO),LIST=YESNOALLONLY,AGE= Age,USERID=UID= Uid,ALLGENNOGEN,PAD= PadChar


Where all keywords have the same meaning and syntax as for the COPYGRP statement.

Usage notes

  • The MOVEGRP statement triggers the RC4NOREP EXEC PARM option and DELGRP statement with identical member filtering against the input partitioned data set.
  • Either one of keywords OUTDD and OUTDSN must be specified. If both of the keywords are specified, they are mutually exclusive.
  • Only a single input data set is allowed, and it must be specified via the INDD or INDSN keyword.
  • The target members can be specified in one or more EXCLUDE or SELECT statements.