Use the LLAVERIFY (or LLAVER or VERLLA) statement to print a listing of all instances of selected (or all) member names with a disk library directory entry mismatching the corresponding LLA managed data.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramlabelLLAVERIFYOUTDD= DDname,INDD=DDname(,DDname),LIST=YESNOALLONLY,AGE= Age,USERID= UidUID= Uid
Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramlabelLLAVERIFYOUTDSN=DSnameDSname,SHRDSname,OLDINDSN=DSnameDSname,SHRDSname,OLD,LIST=YESNOALLONLY,AGE= Age,USERID= UidUID= Uid


All keywords have the same meaning and syntax as for the DIRLIST statement.

Output record layout

LLAVERIFY output report includes two tables:
  • PARTITIONED LIBRARY LIST of all searched data sets.
  • LLA VERIFIED MEMBER NAME LIST of all members with mismatched LLA directory data.

Usage notes

LLAVERIFY accepts a concatenation of multiple input partitioned data sets of various record formats, specified via any valid combination of INDD and INDSN keyword parameters. The last data set statement of the input concatenation may be followed by a group of zero or more SELECT and EXCLUDE statements.

The output sequential data set may be a JES print file (like SYSPRINT) with attributes of RECFM=FBA LRECL=133.

When LIST=ALL option is in effect, all selected members are included in the report, otherwise only members with mismatched LLA data are reported.

When one or more members with mismatched LLA data are found, a return code of X'04' is generated.