The COPYGROUP statement is used to begin a group copy, unload, or load operation. A group consists of a member, all of its aliases, and all of its PDSE member generations.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramlabelCOPYGROUPOUTDD= DDnameOUTDSN=DSname( DSname,SHROLD),INDD=DDname(,DDname,RO),INDSN=DSname( DSname,SHROLD,RO,RO),LIST=YESNOALLONLY,AGE= Age,USERID=UID= Uid,ALLGENNOGEN,PAD= PadChar


All keywords have the same meaning and syntax as for the COPYGRP statement.

Usage notes

  • COPYGROUP operates same as COPYGRP when either the input or output is a PDSE data set. It can also copy, unload, and load just PDS and PS data sets.
  • When running in a z/OS® level that does not support an IEBCOPY COPYGROUP statement, IQIBUTIL converts it to a COPYGRP statement with identical parameters.