OLPDSEL command

The OLPDSEL command shortcut displays a temporary OLIST of Program Object PDSE library data sets.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram OLPDSEL DSNpat


The name of a data set, high-level qualifier, or pattern mask.

Usage notes

  • If no operand is specified, a prompt menu is displayed for entering the pattern to populate into the OLIST.
  • You can enter OLPDSEL at any time from any panel.
  • You can further modify object names directly in the OLIST or by entering a standard EDIT session via the UPD main command.
  • You can use OLPDSEL in an object oriented Point-and-Shoot fashion, by pointing the cursor at any delimited character string instead of typing the DSNpat argument.


Creates a temporary OLIST of all PDSE partitioned data sets with names that begin with IQI followed by TST somewhere in the rest of the name, and also contains Program Object members.