ISTA command

The ISTA command shortcut modifies and executes the ISPF ZSTART command stack variable.


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This command shortcut has no operand.

Examples of ZSTART

Here is a typical example of ZSTART: SDSF;ISPL HIST;OH.

This variable executes the following commands at ISPF startup:
Main command SDSF to start SDSF in the primary screen.
DSC command shortcut ISPL HIST to start a new split named HIST and activate the ISPF SWAPBAR.
DSC command shortcut OH to open a temporary OLIST display of the most recently accessed data sets.

Usage notes

  • You can enter ISTA at any time from any panel.
  • The character string contained in the ZSTART ISPF PROFILE variable is automatically executed at ISPF startup as a stack of one or more main commands separated by the ; (semicolon) separator.
  • ISTA prompts you with a display of the current ZSTART and provides you the option to update or clear ZSTART.