IDIAG command

The IDIAG command shortcut initiates DSC online diagnostics.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram IDIAG KeyWord1,KeyWord2


The value of this operand can be TR, SNAP, LOGPR, DEBUG, ALLON, or ALLOFF.
The value of this operand can be either ON or OFF.

Usage notes

  • You can enter IDIAG at any time from any panel.
  • You should use this command shortcut as instructed by IBM support personnel to generate required test data during an investigation of a customer reported problem.
  • The normal diagnostics session procedure is as follows:
    1. Restart your DSC controlled ISPF session.
    2. Enter the main command IDIAG TR to start DSC diagnostics.
    3. Repeat the failing scenario while taking a screen-shot at every step.
    4. Enter the command shortcut ISNAP to write out the DSC in-core trace table into dynamically allocated SYSOUT text file of DD(IQITRSNP).
    5. Download the text files DD(IQITRSNP) and DD(IQILOGPR) of your DSC session.
    6. Transmit the two diagnostics text files along with the screen shots of the failing scenario to IBM FTP site.
    7. Enter the main command IDIAG ALLOFF to stop all DSC diagnostics.


Starts the DSC in-core trace and opens the DSC print log file.
Starts all DSC diagnostics facilities.
Displays the current status of DSC diagnostics.