Job statement defaults

-DSC-         IQIBUTIL Wizard JOB Statement Defaults
Command ===>
<END> to approve JOB STATEMENT settings

        JOB-              NAME: _________
           -        ACCOUNTING: ____________________________________________
           -   PROGRAMMER NAME: _______________________
           -   EXECUTION CLASS:  A      
           -  LOG OUTPUT CLASS:  A 
           -       REGION SIZE:   32 Megabytes | M   0 mit

Enter Command or Point and shoot at Hotbar command name

Review and modify the necessary JCL JOB statement parameters. You may further modify the JOB statement when the job stream is displayed via SHOW command nested EDIT session.

Use the END command to store JOB default parameters into your PROFILE library.

Use the CANcel command to restore JOB default parameters from your PROFILE library.

Use the INITialize command to restore JOB default parameters to their original INITIAL settings.

Note: A first-time user starts with all default parameters INITIALIZED.

Help for JOB NAME

Enter 1 to 8 alphanumeric or national ($, #, @) characters. The first character must be alphabetic or national ($, #, @).

Note: This is implicitly initialized to user's TSO-ID first up to 7 characters concatenated to BJW for a maximum size of 8.