Copy members and removes them from input library.

-DSC-         IQIBUTIL function COPYSEQ
Command ===> 
<ENTER> to complete function specifications

  INPUT DATASET | @H : ______________________________________
    INPUT DISPOSITION: S   S hr | O ld
 OUTPUT DATASET | @H : ______________________________________
   OUTPUT DISPOSITION: S   S hr | O ld | N ew

     SAME NAME MEMBER: N   R eplace | N one
  PREFILTER BY AGE OF: _____ D  D ays | W eeks | M onths | Q uarters | Y ears
    AND/OR BY USER-ID: ______ pattern mask wild-cards * and %
 REPORT LISTING LEVEL: Y   Y es | N o | A ll

Enter Command or Point and shoot ar Hotbar command name

Use the MOVE statement to begin a COPY from a single partitioned data set, followed by a DELETE of all successfully copied members in the input data set.

The MOVE statement does not support PDSE member generations. The MOVE statement does not support re-formatting of input data into a different output record format.

Note: MOVE automatically triggers the RC4NOREP EXEC PARM option, as well as a DELETE statement, with identical member filtering, against the input partitioned data set of the MOVE statement.