Find command

The Find command locates the next item in the OLIST whose name contains a specified text string.


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The text string to be found in the item name.

Usage notes

Find is a main command only; it cannot be used as a line command.

Do not enclose the string or pattern in quotation marks.

Find starts the search from the second entry on the list and searches to the end of the list. If nothing is found, the search starts again from the top. If again nothing is found, the list does not change it position.

Figure 1. The Find command pop-up
   File  Edit  Find  Display  Populate  Settings  Menu  Util  Test  Help  Exit
 - ┌---------------------------------------------------------------------┐ -----
 - │                                                               -DSC- │  132
 C │ COMMAND ===>                                                        │ CSR
 H │                                                                     │ P
   │ Enter selection parameters to find entries:                         │ LIST*
 T │ Search string ===> 'TEXT'                                           │
 C │                                                                     │ ass
 - │ Direction     ===> N (N=Next, P=Prev, L=Last, F=First, A=All)       │ -----
   │ String type   ===> C (C=Character, P=Prefix, S=Suffix, W=Word)      │
   │                                                                     │
   │           Press ENTER to process or the END key to cancel.          │
                        5 'SYS1.ADBBLIB'
                        6 'SYS1.ADFQMLIB'
                        7 'SYS1.ADFQPLIB'
                        8 'SYS1.ADGTCLIB'
                        9 'SYS1.ADGTLLIB'