The Monitor component consists of four APF authorized modules that are delivered in the SIQILOAD target library. The installation may simply add this target library to the system's APF list or copy those 4 modules into any APF authorized library.

Target library SIQIINST includes two JCL members that may be used for either creating a procedure or a batch job for the Monitor execution. The DSC Monitor accepts the same PARMLIB definitions (members CSVLLAxx) as the z/OS® LLA facility, for the purpose of specifying LLA groups of monitored libraries.

If the Monitor is submitted as a batch job, the submitting user must have a RACF® authority level of CONTROL to resource IQIMONTR.OPER of RACF class FACILITY. The same RACF authority is required from a DSC/ISPF user of the monitor control center application that wishes to shut down the Monitor or dynamically change its operating parameters.

For more information about installation, see DSC monitor in Chapter 2 of the IBM® DSC Installation and Customization Guide.

For information about the Monitor operator commands, see IQIMONTR operator commands.