IQIMT085I DSN=<dsname> SCHEDULED FOR A REFRESH BY JOB=<jobname> NODE=<sysname> AT <ho>:<mi>:<se> ON <year>/<mo>/<da>


This message documents an IQIMONTR LLA managed update event originating at a remote node of the sysplex.

System action

IQIMONTR resumes normal processing.

Descriptor code

The 44-character LLA managed data set name.
The 8-character originating JCL Job Name or Time Sharing Option (TSO) User-ID.
The 8-character originating z/OS sysplex node System-ID.
The 2-digit hour of the day.
The 2-digit minute of the hour.
The 2-digit second of the minute.
The 4-digit year number.
The 2-digit month of the year.
The 2-digit day of the month.