IQIMT079W DSN=<dsname>,VOL=<volser> DYNAMIC DEALLOCATION FAILURE. S99RC=X'<retc>' S99ERRCD=X'<errc’.


This warning is issued due to an IQIMONTR dynamic deallocation failure.

System action

IQIMONTR attempts to resume normal processing.

System programmer response

Look at the messages in the job log for more information. Search problem reporting data bases for a fix to the problem. If no fix exists, shut down the IQIMONTR instance, contact the IBM Support Center. Provide the JCL and all printed output and output data sets related to the problem.

Descriptor code

The 44-character LLA managed data set name.
The 6-character cataloged volume serial.
The 8-hexadecimal digit SVC99 return-code.
The 8-hexadecimal digit SVC99 error-code.