%+ exec command

The %+ exec command executes a CLIST or REXX EXEC on one or more tagged members.

This is a main command.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram%+labelexecparameter_string


A seven character string or pattern.
The name of a CLIST or REXX EXEC.
An optional parameter string to be passed to the CLIST.

Usage notes

A member tag is a non-blank label preceded by + in PROMPT column.

See TAG command for instructions on how to tag members.

%+ is same as % command operating only on tagged members.

The CLIST or EXEC is passed the library name (member name) as first the parameter, followed by the volume serial and the rest of specified parameters.

The volume parameter is optional and is either omitted (by default), or included (see above) based on the current DSC customization.

The % line command may be used to execute a CLIST on a listed member.

When SHOWCMD ON is in effect, you are first prompted with a display of the full command. You can verify and further modify it before execution. You may also enter a QUIT command in order to abort CLIST execution over a group of selected members.


Assuming a current library name of MROTTER.CLIST, on volume SCLM10, with tagged members MEMX and MEMY, the following example illustrates the %+ command execution:

              Execute %MYEXEC 'MROTTER.CLIST(MEMY)' SCLM10.