Using the SMS Storage Group Selection List (GSL)

Use the command shortcut OLSMS to display a selection list of all defined storage groups.

-DSC-          SMS STORAGE GROUP SELECTION LIST              Row 1 to 21 of 21
Command ===>                                                  SCROLL ===> CSR  
Main commands: S elect F ind L ocate  SORT G D                                 
Line commands: S elect V olumes                                                
  Level  ==>                                               (V command)         
  Prefix ==>                                                                   
CMD GROUP    DESCRIPTION                                                       
    DB2FLASH FLASH COPY POOL                                                   
    DB2LARGE LARGE DATABASE                                                    
    DLGROUP  DLIB DATASETS                                                     
    DMGROUP  DATAMANAGEMENT DATASETS                                           
    DMGROUPD DB2 DATA                                                          
    DMGROUPL DB2 LOG AND BSDS                                                  
    HSMGROUP HSM MANAGEMENT DATASETS                                           
    HSMTPOOL HSM TEMPORARY DASD POOL                                           
    IMAGE    IMAGE/OAM STORAGE GROUP                                           
    IMAGEBK  IMAGE/OAM BACKUP LIBRARY                                          
    OSGROUP  OPERATING SYSTEM DATASETS                                         

Then, use the line command V to display a VSL of all volumes belonging to a particular group.