Backing up the table library

Data Set Commander allows you to back up your persistent table library or allocate a larger library when your current library is running out of space. Data Set Commander provides the following options:

Figure 1. Persistent Table Management panel
 -DSC-------------------- Persistent Table Management --------------------------

   IBMDSC persistent table library just encountered an unrecoverable
   error ( ABEND      ). In order to complete your request, a larger
   library needs to be allocated.

   If you elect to proceed with allocating a larger library, IBMDSC
   will perform the following steps to ensure integrity of your data:
   1) Rename library to: INTT125.SYSA.ISPF.IPITBLB0
   2) Allocate a larger: INTT125.SYSA.ISPF.IPITBLIB
   3) Copy old library into the new one.
   4) Resume operation with new library.

   If you decline to proceed with the above, your currently used
   persistent table will not be saved as requested.

 Press ENTER to process or F3    to cancel.

   Current Allocation
    Data set name type  : LIBRARY
    Allocated blocks  . : 327        Block size  . . . . : 6160
    Maximum dir. blocks : no limit   Number of members . : 0