When PEL statements are evaluated

PEL is a dynamic preprocessor. You need not run a special utility to activate the PEL statements. However, due to panel caching, PEL statements are evaluated the first time the user references a panel. Subsequent displays of the same panel reuse the previous evaluation. For example, after displaying the menu shown in the example above, the menu will show the same information even if the user frees or allocates the OPERLIB DD name. To cause the panel statements to be re-evaluated, perform the same actions as you would if the panel source had changed. For example, run the ISPF session in Dialog Test mode. This is the least recommended method since running under Dialog Test incurs significant overhead.

  • Use the DSC panel testing facility to specify that the panel is being tested and should be constantly refreshed. This is a more efficient solution than running under Dialog Test because panel refreshing will occur only for the specified panel. The DSC panel testing facility is activated via the DSCDTEST command shortcut, or by clicking the Test option on the MSL or OLIST action bar and select Panel testing and diagnosis.
  • Restart your ISPF session. You need not re-logon.