PEL quick reference

Table 1. PEL statement and function summary
Statement Function
))ASSIGN:variable=KEYWORD Assign value to variable
))ELSE IF condition alternative
))IF-APPL=applid Test for ZAPPLID
))IF-DDNAME=allocatedddname Test for allocated DD
))IF-END IF block terminator
))IF-GUI=Y-or-N Test if running in GUI mode
))IF-LOGONPROC=logonproc Test LOGON PROC name
))IF-OPER=Y or N Test for operator authority
))IF-PANEL=panel-name Test displayed panel name
))IF-PGM=program-name Test SELECT PGM() caller
))IF-TSODEST=destination Test for destination
))IF-TSOUNIT=unitname Test for default unit name
))IF-UID=userid Test TSO USERID
))IF-VAR.DLGV<n>=<c> Test site-wide dialog variable settings
))IF-VER<v.r Test ISPF version
))IF-VER=v.r Test ISPF version
))IF-VER>v.r Test ISPF version
))INC:member Include member (with caching)
))JMP:label Branch to label
))LBL:label Label definition