With PEL, you can set dialog variables to values that are not otherwise accessible. For example, you can set a variable to the program name specified in the PGM= statement on the logon procedure.

Each PEL assignment statement generates a single panel assignment statement where the assigned value is a character constant created by DSC at the time the panel is evaluated. For example, the statement:
generates (in a specific installation) the following line:

Like any other assignment statement, PEL assignment statements are only valid in the sections where ISPF assignment statements are valid.

The following table lists the available assignments:

Table 1. Assignment context
Keyword Value returned Notes
APPL ISPF application ID Similar to ZAPPLID
CPUID Current CPUID CPU serial number
CPUMODEL Current model CPU model number
GUI GUI workstation mode Returns Y or N (based upon ZGUI variable)
LOGPGM Logon procedure program From PGM= statement in LOGON JCL.
MIGSYS Name of migration system As specified during DSC customization
MIGVOL Name of migration volume from DSC customization If none specified, the value from the DELVOL in ISRCONFG is used.
MVSFMID Current IBM® FMID Example: HBB4430
MVSLEVEL Current MVS™ level Example: SP4.3.0
OPER Operator authority From PSCBCTRL. Returns Y or N
PANEL Name of current panel Useful in included panels
PGM Program invoking panel From SELECT PGM()
SMS Indicates if SMS is active Returns Y or N
SMSLEVEL Current SMS level
SPFEVER DSC Version Four character maintenance version (for example, 5001)
SRC.MGR Checks which source manager is active (SCLM, or not). If SCLM activated for user (using DSC customization) returns S, otherwise returns N.
TSODEST Default destination From PSCBDEST
TSOUNIT Default allocation unit From PSCBGPNM
VER ISPF Version Similar to part of ZENVIR