How to activate and deactivate hotbars

From any command line (except when you are in OLIST or MSL), enter DSC SET, or the shortcut ISET. When you are in OLIST or MSL, enter SET. The Setting IBMDSC Defaults panel is displayed.

Select the INTERFACE option. The User Interface Options panel is displayed:

Figure 1. Activating hotbars through the User Interface Options panel
 -DSC- ---------------------User Interface Options------------------------------

     | Note: Changes specified on this screen may not affect all of the  |
     |       panels that are currently displayed in nested applications. |

 Verify or specify the following options: (Enter Y for Yes, N for No):

   Activate HOTBARS                      ===> Y

   Activate Action Bars                  ===> Y
     If Action Bars are active:
       Display Action Bars in Browse, Edit, View    ===> Y
       Display Action Bars in Member Selection List ===> Y
       Display Action Bars in the object list       ===> Y
       Display Action Bars in DSLIST                ===> N

  Press ENTER for options menu, END to exit, CANCEL for installation defaults.

To the right of Activate HOTBARS, type Y, and press Enter. Now, on each of your panels, the hotbar is available.

To deactivate hotbars, repeat this procedure, but set the Activate HOTBARS field to N.