OLIST reference list

You can get a reference list of OLISTs by blanking out the name of the OLIST currently on display and pressing ENTER or, on any panel entering the command
(shortcuts O* and OL*).

The OLIST reference list only contains OLISTs that the user has created or invoked. When you copy OLIST members from other OLIST libraries into your active OLIST library, you must first validate and register such copied members before they can be used as OLISTs. To do so, a user should enter the following command when the OLIST reference list is on display:


Once the user references a shared OLIST, it appears on that user's OLIST reference list.

Note: If the first line of the OLIST is a comment line (a line that starts with an exclamation mark), that comment appears as the description of the OLIST in the OLIST reference list.