Invoking MSL from an application or CLIST

MSL can be invoked by an application or CLIST. It must be called from a valid ISPF environment, using the ISPF Dialog Manager SELECT service. The format of the command should be as follows:

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramSELECTNEWAPPL(ISR)PGM(IQIMSL) PARM( fnct,dsn<<PROMPT>>,vol,return)
What How
When an error occurs while invoking Data Set Commander, you need Data Set Commander to give you a return code of 8 instead of displaying the EDIT entry panel. ISPEXEC SELECT PGM(IQIMSL) PARM(E,'JONES.TEST.COBOL',,Y) 'JONES.TEST.COBOL' is a library.

However invoked, on termination, control returns to the invoking application or CLIST.

The following is the description of the operands in the SELECT command:

This is the function code. It defines the default process. The values for the process are:
EDIT (This is the default value for the default process.
This is the data set name. If specified as <<PROMPT>> (including the greater-than and less-than symbols as shown), the entry panel is always displayed. If it is not specified, a prompt is displayed unless the cursor is on a valid Data Set Commander object name. The data set name can be specified in one of the following ways:
  • PAYROL.JONES.COBOL, as a fully qualified name
  • JONES.COBOL, as a partially qualified name

If this is a library, it invokes a member list of the library. If this is a sequential file, it simply invokes that file.

In a library name with a member name, for example, 'PAYROLL.JONES.COBOL(ACCTMAIN)', it invokes the member ACCTMAIN in the library PAYROLL.JONES.COBOL. This form can be used with partially qualified library names.

In a library name with a pattern, for example, 'PAYROLL.JONES.COBOL(ACCT*)', it invokes a filtered member list of the library listing all members whose names start with 'ACCT'.

In a member name 'PAYROLL', it invokes the member PAYROLL in the current library, or the last library processed (or, if the screen has been split, the last library processed in the split).

In a pattern 'PAY', it invokes a filtered listing of the members matching the pattern in the current library, or the library processed (or, if the screen has been split, the last library processed in this split).

Note: Access to cataloged data sets by DD name is fully supported when MSL is invoked in an application or CLIST. You can invoke an MSL on a pattern on the particular level of the current PANELLIB concatenation by specifying dsn as: @@DD.PANELLIB.#2(ACCT*).
This is the volume serial number. If it is specified, MSL looks for the data set only on the specified volume. Otherwise, it consults the catalog to find the data set.
This operand decides whether or not to return to the calling application with a return code of 8 if an error occurs when invoking Data Set Commander:
Display the entry panel if an error occurs. This is the default.
Return to the calling application with a return code of 8 if an error occurs.