Documenting a DSC failure for IBM level 2 support

In the unlikely event that you are having problems with DSC, DSC can create files of information that you can forward to IBM® level 2 support for diagnosis.

Here is the suggested sequence you should use to trap relevant information:

  1. Log on to DSC.
  2. Enter IDIAG TR, which is the shortcut for DSC DIAG TRACE ON (and automatically forces DSC DIAG LOG ON).
  3. Work through your scenario.
  4. Enter ISNAP, which is the shortcut for DSC SNAP.
  5. Download DD(IQILOGPR) and DD(IQITRSNP) of your TSO session and send them to me along with screen shots of every step of your failing scenario.

Please additionally supply the output generated by the IVER shortcut (DSC VER) or the IMAINT shortcut (DSC MAINT). This output shows the list of APARs applied against DSC.

For more information, see: