Adding your own point-and-shoot general commands

You can add general commands to ISPF. If you use the TSO shell provided by Data Set Commander, the commands you add can make use of the point-and- shoot interface. For example, if you have (or create) a CLIST that compiles a data set, users are able to specify the data set to be compiled simply by typing the command name on the command line, putting the cursor on the data set name, and pressing Enter. If a PF key is set to the command name, users are able to invoke the command simply by placing the cursor on the data set name and pressing the PF key.

To add a general command, add an entry in ISPCMDS (the ISPF command table) or in an application command table (xxxxCMDS, where xxxx is the application ID). For example, assume that the CLIST named COMPILE accepts a source data set name as its first parameter. Add an entry like the following to the command table:


Data Set Commander replaces the slash (/) in the command parameter with the data set name that the cursor is on. (If the cursor is not on a valid name, no substitution is performed, and the slash is passed to the application.)