Enhanced CUT and PASTE

When customizing Data Set Commander, you can specify whether you want Data Set Commander CUT/PASTE or ISPF CUT/PASTE. The Data Set Commander CUT and PASTE commands provide these additional benefits:

  • Supports up to 200 CUT/PASTE clipboards. Clipboards can be named or numbered. These clipboards can be edited, browsed, copied, saved, restored, and renamed.
  • Ability to CUT excluded and non-excluded lines. You can CUT context-sensitive lines by combining the EXCLUDE and FIND commands with the CUT command.
  • Both CUT and PASTE commands support the STAtus keyword to display the list of all existing clipboards. You may use this display to select a new or existing clipboard to CUT into or from which to PASTE.
  • You can paste lines from different sources:
    • Previously cut lines.
    • Lines from another member.
    • Captured output of TSO commands.
    • Member names of a specified directory.
    • Contents of a previously cut OLIST.
  • Before pasting, you can display the lines to be pasted, and select the lines you want to process. For example, when pasting the contents of another member, you can first display the lines of that member and select which lines you want to paste. This is more convenient than the regular COPY command where you have to remember line numbers.

You can paste lines from the different sources of CUT directly to the printer.