Migrating from IBM® Data Set Commander Version 7.1 or 8.1

This section explains the activities involved in migrating an ISPF Productivity Tool version 7.1 or Data Set Commander version 8.1 environment into Data Set Commander version 9.1.

TSO LOGON procedure updates

  1. Ensure that all references to Data Set Commander target libraries in the various DD statements and CLISTs specify the selected names for Data Set Commander v9.1 target libraries. This includes such system library lists as LPA, LINKLIST, and APF.
  2. Replace DD(IPITLIB) with DD(IQITLIB) for the SIQITLIB table library.
  3. If present, replace DD(IPIPANEL) with DD(IQIPANEL) for specifying the ISPF primary menu panel name.

Run IQIWIZRD customization wizard

  1. Determine all required existing and additional DSC customization.
    Note: You may first run the IPT v7.1 or DSC v8.1 wizard (IQIWIZRD) under IPT v7.1 (or DSC v8.1) in order to determine all your previously selected customization options.
  2. Execute the DSC v9.1 customization wizard under control of the DSC v9.1 logon procedure and specify all previously selected settings and any new required options.
  3. Place all customized CLISTs for supported objects or Session- Initialization-Exit in the Data Set Commander v9.1 SIQICLIB and SIQICLBV libraries.

Command shortcuts customization

  • Review for conflicts and update, if necessary, members IQICMNDS and IQIDCMDS of the SIQITLIB library in order to disable or rename certain command shortcut verb names.