Customizable user interface

You can customize the Data Set Commander user interface to fit your needs. For example, you can hide the Action Bar to gain two more lines to display information. You can also hide the Hotbar line to gain another line. On Data Set Commander panels, you can choose leader dots or arrows as the standard prefix for input fields. You can select the leading character in the Member Selection List line command area, along with other interface options.

To use the SET command from any command line (except when you are in OLIST or MSL), enter DSC SET, shortcut ISET. In OLIST or MSL, enter SET. The SETTING DSC DEFAULTS panel is displayed.

Options you set via the SET commands are remembered across sessions. When you invoke the SET command the following panel is displayed:

Figure 1. Setting IBMDSC Defaults panel
-DSC- --------------------Setting IBMDSC Defaults------------------------------
Select options by main command LETTER and/or any CHARACTER line command
               or CURSOR point-and-shoot!

Web link:
 IBMDSC is running under ISPF version 7.4

    A - ALL       - Select all the below displayed options
    M - MSL       - Member Selection List options
    O - OLIST     - Object list options
    G - GLOBAL    - Global edit and Findtext options
    P - PRINT     - Print options
    D - DSLIST    - DSLIST options
    T - TSO       - TSO shell options
    E - EDIT      - Edit, Browse and View options
    I - INTERFACE - Specify user interface options
    S - SCLM      - SCLM options
    N - DIAGNOSE  - Diagnose ISPF errors
    L - LIBRARY   - Persistent table library options

   Make your selection and press the ENTER key or press the END key to exit

You can select any of the options, or the ALL option to inspect all options. As an example, the following panel is displayed when you select the INTERFACE options:

Figure 2. User Interface Options
  -DSC- ---------------------User Interface Options------------------------------
  COMMAND ===>

      | Note: Changes specified on this screen may not affect all of the  |
      |       panels that are currently displayed in nested applications. |

  Verify or specify the following options: (Enter Y for Yes, N for No):

    Activate HOTBARS                      ===> Y

    Activate Action Bars                  ===> Y
      If Action Bars are active:
        Display Action Bars in Browse, Edit, View    ===> Y
        Display Action Bars in Member Selection List ===> Y
        Display Action Bars in the object list       ===> Y
        Display Action Bars in DSLIST                ===> Y

   Press ENTER for options menu, END to exit, CANCEL for installation defaults.

Refer to Controlling Data Set Commander processing (the SET command) for more details about the Data Set Commander Set options.