SORTUKEY command

The SORTUKEY (or SORT)) command sorts the member selection list titled entries by title key.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramSORTUKEYSORT)USERKEYDcolumnDA


An MSL display column heading abbreviation or an asterisk (*).

If column is omitted, the list is sorted by USERKEY.

The column is sorted in Descending (the default) or Ascending order.

Usage notes

The titled members are sorted first and moved to the top of the list.

See the TITLE command description or assist for information on how to manage member titles. See the SHOWTITL command description or assist for information on how to display member titles.

Only the value entered in the NAME, PROMPT, or TAG column is accepted.

See the SORT command description or assist for additional information.


SORT) NAM D sort by descending order of member NAME .           
SORT) TAG   sort by ascending (default) order of member TAG .   
SORTUKEY    sort by member USERKEY (default column) in ascending
              (default) order.                                  
SORT) *     resort by most recently specified selection list .