other line command

The other line command invokes a TSO command, or a CLIST or REXX executable script on a data set object. The value of variable other is a command or file name. Any line command that has up to 8 characters and is not documented on the OLIST Command Assistance panel is interpreted as a TSO command, or the name of a CLIST or REXX executable script file.

Usage notes

  • The object must be a valid VSAM or non-VSAM data set.
  • When command SHOWCMD ON is in effect, the complete command statement is displayed for verification or modification before being executed.
  • If the TSO PARMS field is not blank, the value will be appended to the combined command that follows the object name and member name.
  • If the Member field is not blank, and the object is a partitioned data set, the command will be processed by the DSC MSL function.


Execute TSO command HRECALL on the current data set object.