MSLcmd+ command

The MSLcmd+ command invokes an MSL command on one or more tagged members.

This is a main command.


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An MSL line or main command name.
A seven character string or pattern. Default is *.
An optional parameter relevant to the command.

Usage notes

A member tag is a non-blank label preceded by + in PROMPT column.

See TAG command for instructions on how to tag members.

The following main commands act upon tagged members:

   COPYTAG (or C+)    DELETTAG (or D+),    FILTTAG (or FIL+)
   FINDTAG (or F+)    FINDTXTG (or FT+)    GLOBLTAG (or G+)
   HIDETAG (or HID+)  INFOTAG (or I+)      LOCATTAG (or L+)
   MOVETAG (or M+)    PRINTTAG (or P+)     SORTTAG (or SORT+)
   SELECTAG (or S+ or B+ or E+ or V+)      STATSTAG (or Z+)
   SUBMTTAG (or J+)

See the command assist for each of the above commands.


C+ X 3         Copy all members tagged with X into third linked
P+ XY*         Print all member names tagged with a label that starts XY.
HID+ ABC.CO    Hide all members with tags containing ABC along with
               all members that are not tagged.
D+             Delete all tagged members (same as D+ *).             .